Newcastle v Zels* Zeljen* Zeljes* Some Team From Abroad
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  The Friday 4 Match Report.

Newcastle  v Zels* Zeljen* Zeljes* Some Team From Abroad

 The lads gathered as normal at the Haymarket Metro eagerly awaiting the Toon's continued venture into Europe and also the arrival of The Burf.

Twenty-five minutes late he finally arrived, his flimsy excuse being " I missed the same bus as last week "

Off to the ground and as we entered, it appeared quiet and a far less crowd than usual. The Big Lad piped up " Most people will have stayed at home to watch it on television, look there's no queue at the bar " and offered to get the first drinks in ( ever ). Then The Burf pointed out there's no sale of alcohol at European games.

Bets placed, we settled down to watch a fairly average performance and when Dyer scored he celebrated with a huff and tantrum reflecting his disappointment in finding out that he would not be revisiting Japan or Korea as they were not in Europe.

Highlights of the second half were Shola standing on the ball tripping over the ball and somehow managing to get an opponent sent off.

As the toon eased to a four nil lead a standard bet for the Friday 4 they suddenly upped the tempo and shots from every angle went in against the opposition. Brave goalkeeping kept the bet alive and when Shearer appeared to make it 5 - 0 the Friday 4 shouted in unison " OFFSIDE " the linesman overheard them and immediately raised his flag, the Belgium Ref ( who had a canny game ) nodded in agreement and disallowed the goal. Amongst howls of derision from the crowd The Friday 4 were applauding as they had won  5 err! except Chris the Beard he checked his slip and realised he had put his  x  in the wrong box and got nowt.

Off to the pub we passed by Leazes Park Lake wondering how much more water we would pass before the next night of European glory.